Vision, Values, Strategy


Our vision is to be a dynamic, respected and innovative engineering company with a stable market share in the field of rolled profiles. We are focused on long-term financial stability and increasing competitiveness through continued innovation production processes. The aim is to strengthen our position in the domestic market and widen our reach in international markets given the ongoing increase in customer satisfaction.


We respect our customers and employees. We are reliable and act fairly. We are open to new opportunities and ideas. We support regional employment. We do not lack courage and determination. We are guided by the principles of quality. Thanks to the professionalism and responsibility, we can overcome boundaries.


The basic strategy of our company is to meet customer expectations and enhance the competitiveness of our products. At the same time, we want to reduce the energy consumption of our company through renewable resources and contribute to environmental protection through environmental activities. Our strategy is based on values ​​helping us to fulfil this strategy.