Mgr. Pavol Hurajt

Pavol Hurajt is a Slovak bi-athlete. He won a bronze medal in the race with a mass start at 15 km at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Liptovský Mikuláš City Hockey Club 32

This hockey club was founded in 1932. The beginnings and the overall development show that ice hockey has an important position among sports games, and during its long existence; it has gained favour with a broad spectrum of citizens. At the same time, the players, playing hockey in our city, have become a positive factor in the development of Slovak hockey.

Petra Vlhová

Petra is a downhill skier. She was a part of the alpine skiing national team for the Slovak Ski Association for the 2012/2013 season. She has a number of important achievements:

  • U18 junior world champion in giant slalom (February 2011)
  • winner of the slalom at the Winter Youth Olympic Games (January 2012)
  • she won the title in the slalom at the open Slovakian Championship in Jasná (2012)
  • bronze medal from the Junior World Championships (March 2012)
  • winner of the Skier of the Year poll in Slovakia (2012)
  • junior world champion in the slalom (February 2014)
  • Slovak Woman of the Year in the category of Sports (2015)

Petra Vlhova - sponzoringPetra Vlhova - sponzoringPetra Vlhova - sponzoring

Liptovský Mikuláš BMX Club

Liptovský Mikuláš BMX Club was founded in 1987 by people who were looking for a suitable spare time activity for their children. They built a bike cross track in Liptovský Mikuláš where they trained and prepared children races. They also organised the Slovak BMX Cup. They completely re-built the bike cross track to meet more demanding requirements thanks to the help of sponsors and enthusiasts in 2003–2004. Now it serves not only to the members but also the children and cyclists from the city and its surroundings. The effort of the club and quality, re-designed bike cross track was even appreciated by the Slovak BMX Association and assigned to organise the 2005 BMX Championships of SR. They also held four rounds of Slovak BMX Cup on this track in 2006.

TJ Družba Smrečany – Žiar

Žiarská chata award alpine duathlon is an event with a long tradition. The race track goes through the beautiful Žiarská Valley with a start at the parking lot at the mouth of the Žiarská Valley and finishes in the Žiarská Saddle. Riders may complete the track individually or as a relay while collectively overcoming an elevation on the track of more than one kilometre.

Sports Club Bobrovec – ‘Bokami Západných Tatier’

‘Bokami Západných Tatier’ is a three-day ski mountaineering race for pairs where they must overcome an approximate elevation of 5,600 m at 55 km over three stages. The event takes place mostly in the second half of March. Competitors (pairs) compete at each stage in a start-finish form and the winner is the team with the lowest total times achieved for all three days.