The CD - profil s.r.o. Company is a highly effective and flexible establishment focused on the cold steel moulding - rolling, pressing/moulding and hole punching. Output material is divided at dividing lines that are part of machinery equipment of the Company.

Production of sections is realised using single-purpose and versatile rolling lines enabling also hole punching and laser longitudinal welding. Laser welding technology enables to weld various shapes of sections, as well as various kinds of materials.

Company profile

The CD – profil s.r.o. (Ltd.) Company was established in 1994, and during its operating in the market it has scored significant dynamic development.
Since the beginning the main pillar of the Company has been production in the area of manufacturing and locksmith focused on the rolling thin steel profiles which have a wide range of use in different sectors of the industry.
In 2008 the Company expanded its range of highly sophisticated manufacturing of welded profiles.